Sunday, February 6, 2011

Purple/Green Wall Hanging Update!

As promised, here is the second posting regarding a certain purple/green woven wall hanging that's in the works.

I cut the painted fabric into strips.  I didn't pay much attention as to how straight I cut.  I did turn the muslin so I could get a pretty long strip with both green and purple.

Out of my previously bought Michaels stash of yarn, I selected an acrylic in the perfect shades of green and purple - all I had to do was keep looping away and the colors magically changed (I like that).

I took various shades of purple and green wool roving and light green tussah silk fibers and gave them a good wet felting.  This piece is about 4" x 4" and nice and thin.

Here are some wet felted cords to add to the weaving.  The ones on the right side are from the lovely purple and green roving I bought.  The others are green and purple with more tussah silk added.  Making these cords is easy and fun.  You can use them in a variety of ways.


The lovely little felted above turned out too big for the lap frame.  In my mind, I thought of a little piece of felt surrounded by the weaving.  Of course, I made a big piece.  Well, if I DID use it, how was I going to incorporate it.  Was I going to just weave the whole thing and add the felted later and stitch it over the weaving?  Was I going to weave and stop when it came to the felted and then go back again leaving a hole for it to be inserted into?

I decided just to weave and figure it out later.

Ah, the painted muslin strips.  If you look carefully, the purple is more towards pink and the Felted is a lush purple.  Another dilemna!  I started anyway because I was impatient (not a good way to be).  I figured I could paint over the pink even when it was on the loom or discard the felted all together.

Ah, the cords.  The ones on the right did not fit with the Felted - the colors didn't make it - not sure if I like them at all anyway.  But the dark ones are wonderful!


Wow, what happened?

The Felted got cut into three circles and re-felted.  Some additional needle felting was done when they were dry.  Two of them now have a green, purple and gold bead in their middles which are attached with purple and green embroidery thread.  They're french knotted.  The middle one has more french knots in two shades of green and one purple.

I took out the first group of painted muslin strips (yuck with the pink) and replaced it with others which are primarily green.  Then up we go with all those different yarns I selected. The top worked out just fine in darker colored strips and more cords.  I love cord "tails" and some of them are caught itthe circles (middle and bottom right). Others dangle.

Back tails are tucked in and will be covered in a painted muslin backing.

At this point the bottom has also been stitched with purple thread to keep it from moving down the hanging.  The top two photos show a little purple/green felted heart with beads and wire.  I made this last year and thought it perfect for hanging onto a cord.

That's all folks - closer pictures and an update later!
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  1. Hi Connie, Love your blog and the creativity. I just extended the Stylish Blog Award to you to share your wonderful blog.

  2. Weaving is so addictive. I started back in my early 20's and expanded to spinning and dyeing. It just doesn't stop. I haven't felted but your colors tempt me to explore. Great blog. Glad I found you :)

  3. Connie yet another piece of art...i so love how you explain how you have created this weave...could you tell me how to make these felted cords as i might be able to use them in my textile course.



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