Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Palette for a Hanging

Today I went to Michaels and spent $40.00 of a $50.00 Christmas gift card from my Kentucky daughter.     Took me awhile to get around to spending it - you know, it's too good to just go out and blow... too much darn good stuff in that store.  So, after meandering, I went to the yarn section and bought some in purples and greens, some paint, and embroidery thread all to use in the next two hangings.

The first is in purples and greens.  I want to add another dimension to these hangings.   Soooooooooooooooo

Last night, I decided to paint some muslin in just those colors.  The plan is to make my own fabric strips or cords - not sure how it's going to play out.  So, I got out the paints, went to the rec. room, put the muslin on the coffee table (with paper underneath) and went to work.  My husband and I were watching hockey.
Of course, I forgot to take the muslin off the paper and an hour later finally got smart and went to take it off - let's just say, there are some words on the back.  So, "a peelin'" I did.  It's not all off yet.

Here's the muslin and I still have more to paint.

I may need to make it more interesting 'cause when they're cut I don't want it to be just one color.  I might give it more texture.

Here is my selection of what else I "might" use ...
New and old yarn - some bought today.  The one with the poms looks interesting,  The purple on the right is glitzy.  The yarn on the far left is really more of a green.  There are some embroidery threads also and lovely shiny rayon threads by Sassalynne from England in the center.  Please stop by her shop if you long for threads.

Here we have some buttons.  The ones that are loose are farm fresh buttons from OhForCute on Etsy.  Her packaging is so clever.  She has many items in her adorable shop.
The top left is a light greenish yellow felted cord I made with wire inside, below that is what was going to be a felted cord swirl brooch (it's painted and stitched), the front left is a felted pansy pin.  In the middle is a piece I cut up from a bowl that didn't make it.  I fooled around with beading, etc.  but it does have some pink on it. hmmmm.

Here is some wonderful wool roving I bought from WC Mercantile on Etsy.  It is hand-painted in lovely shades of purple and green.  If you're into fiber, give her shop a look!  What looks grey here really is the part that goes between the purple and green - I'm going to make felted cords out of it and hopefully it will work with the cut fabric.  I also bought some green that I'll probably use.



  1. I LOVE your work, great blog and thanks for the links, too! I just ordered several rocks!

  2. You're very clever ... the gold Q-tips are just so perfect in your new listing! And of course, I'm partial to things with a "Q" in them :D

  3. Wow Connie i shall be following your have inspired me so do some more im gathering some wools with different textures and im gonna check out those esty sites too.....oh great dying even if they did stick x

  4. Thanks Linda, Jill and Jensters! Your comments mean so much!



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