Sunday, January 23, 2011


When I'm not making Felted Mini Art Quilts, Vessel and Brooches for my Etsy Shop,  I like to go Bigger, Different, Artsy and "Let it Rip"!!!!!!!

This is the third wallhanging I've made.  I'm finding I enjoy using fibers, yarn, threads and my own felted cords to make something what I consider, very unique!  Here I have used wool and acrylic yarn, sari ribbon, ribbon yarn, baby camel yarn, my Merino wool felted cords, rayon thread from a fellow Etsyian and Yes, a Q TIP!

I will keep working on it, give it a name and perhaps sell it.  I would like to have a new section for SensoryFelteds which would include these hangings.  We'll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
Here's a shot of it still on the loom - haven't finished it quite yet.  I've left several felted cords hanging.  
Painted and NOT re-cycled Q TIPS in Metallic copper and gold
A side view.  You can see a nice little bead hanging onto a cord.  
A ribbon yarn in rust shades is used for the set up.  Notice how this peachy sari ribbon looks like little pods when woven.  It folds over itself and gives a great dimensional look.  You can also see on the white acrylic yarn, I have added little stitches done with shiny rayon thread.
Here's is a closeup of the Q tip which is caught in a felted cord.  The cord has three colors and the shiny gold is reflected in the gold Q tip.  I also used the same ribbon yarn (set up) for weaving.  It too folds on itself.

Buster in the afternoon sun - "Hey, I want my picture taken.  After all, I DO match that thingy you're making!"


  1. Hi Connie, greetings from the cold and grey UK! Lovely to *meet* another felter. BTW, although we did have exceptionally bad snow this year, it is a fact that we also are pretty bad at coping with the slightest amount of snow - I have Canadian friends who find it all very amusing!

  2. Hello there not sure how ive found your blog....but i love your weaving....ive learnt this at a textile course im doing and the more i do the more i like it....this is amazing and i hope to do something like it one day...Buster is way cute too.



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