Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting to Know your FELTER/Episode 2

"Getting to Know Your FELTER/Episode 2"

Here are some behind the scenes:
Here is where I keep some of my wool.  That little pink drawer thingy has my embroidery thread.  Top right shelf is some of the pottery I made.  This is also where I keep some of the flat pieces of felt I've made.  The drawers underneath harbor scrapbooking materials (two grandsons, what am I to do!), knitting needles, rulers, drawing pens, fabric, stencils and inks.  Oh, there are side closets....more pottery (+ tools), yarn, paint, threads.
This is my cork board with inspirational cards.  I love that luna moth on the right and I made one on top of it in felt.  The card with two tulips inspired me to make one of my Felted Mini Art Quilts.  I'm an animals lover - goats and sheep and there are a few photos.

On the top is some felted trees that didn't sell this past Christmas.  The black bag holds felted cords.  Next shelf is my felting, embroidery, etc. books and a holder for artist yarn.  Then the three below are for commercial felt that I use to back my brooches and art quilts - can't believe they're so organized.  I do try.
My Artroom - freezing in the winter and freezing in the summer.  It's downstairs in our townhouse.  When we bought our house, this was an unfinished room.  We had it made into an artroom several years ago.  Being ALL the way downstairs and having only one vent (why are vents always near the window?), it's darn cold no matter what time of year.  Fortunately, I have a heater I drag in there and lots of sweaters which I drag on me.

I also have two tables.  One holds my sewing machine (alas, not used very much) and lots of felting projects yet to be finished.  The other has my lightbox (alas, broke the bulbs in several of the lights so haven't used that much lately) and has beads.  Oh, I have holders full of beads, too.

Hope you enjoyed taking a peak into my art den - 

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  1. It is much fun to read "getting to know "my" felter". I love your creations - I told you before.
    Good wishes from Anneliese - your new fan.



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