Friday, February 11, 2011

Progress on Purple/Green Woven Wall Hanging!

Progress in being made on Purple/Green Woven Wall Hanging!

Here is the muslin backing.  I painted it with acrylic green and neon green fabric paint.  The neon is sparkly!

I used this Curly Q rubber stamp to reflect the circles on the front of the weaving.  I painted it with purple fabric paint and also added a little bit of the neon green and stamped away.  Gosh that's fun!  So, I thought why not see if I can put it on the weaving itself!!  Ah ha, those fabric strips - by jove - it worked!

See!  Here's the top of the hanging.

See, here's a little closer.

See, here's the bottom - colors are not good in this picture - looks like a candy Easter Basket - sorry.  I took this and the pictures above in my artroom with the lights on.

SEEEEEEEE, better light here AND this is it FINISHED (almost) - notice that the cords top left are captured in a loop of the fabric strip, I moved the heart to the right, cords that were dangling from the top two circles are now caught and looped to look like stems, the cord on the bottom left is would around captured with french knot embroidery stitches and a light green wool yarn which previously hung out, is needlefelted into the middle of the left swirll!

Now all that's left is to machine stitch the backing, hand stitch it to the weaving, figure out what to do with the loops, dye a dowel (sounds funny) and make end felted beads!

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