Friday, November 5, 2010

Frosty and his Cardinal!

Everyday I'm making more Felted Art Collectibles.  Like last year at this time, I feel a real push to create and list on Etsy.  Here are two more of my latest.....another Happy Snowman and this time a puffed up cardinal.  

The snowman is influenced by children's Christmas books - you know,  that scene where Frosty is out and about the town.  My guy is a takeoff of this childhood favorite.  He's got everything he needs - but  no broom - but he has a nice yellow (well, it looks good) moon and twinkling stars.  I've found that using white silk fiber when wet felting and when needlefelting creates an icy look.  I also used a bit of grey curly locks - which I must have gotten from a sheep friend of mine - because I have it in clumps in my artroom.  It does very well for shadowing.

 I broke one of my lights that came with my lightbox - it fell - don't think it's really broken...just got loosened.  So, I had to use only one and in the picture above, it gave off a nice glow.
 Here he is in my bedroom along side my birch collectible.  Well, it sold already so not mine.
He reminds me of the "Titanic" - "Here I am, world!" as he leanas forward - shows he's dimensional -a nice way to say he's a bit rounded.

Now, here's the second newest - when I googled "cardinal" to see what these guys really look like, I came up with many pictures - some of the "Cardinal" as in the Catholic cardinal.  Maybe that's why the bird is called a "cardinal" because the top of his head looks like a "Cardinal's" hat.  Of course, he's very important also.

 I love this picture - he's nestled in this birch bark light - hard to explain what it looks like - the photo is a bit fuzzy - but I love the branches!
He's on the wall and I'm trying to show his roundness
Here he is with a friend - this was posed in my livingroom window. ...with the cotton batting.

I puffed him out with alot of shocking red wool - the beak was rather thought provoking - how to make it stick out and then what to do about the mouth opening.  Fnally, worked out and I used a fine tipped artist's marker for his mouth-lips-whatever-where it opens. 

This is reserved for a dear friend who continually buys from me.

So, what's in the works next?  What holiday is coming up after Thanksgiving and before Christmas for Jewish folk?


  1. These are so sweet! : )
    I'm following from the Etsy forum. I would love it if you would follow back.

  2. You have been busy! Loving the detail that you are bringing to these felteds!

  3. Wow, all are so sweeeeet and very festive.



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