Sunday, November 7, 2010

Felted Christmas Brooch PLUS

I've looked into my stash of last year's Christmas felted goodies I made.  Some I didn't get around to listing, so I'm very pleased I have some more pieces to show on Etsy this year.  I have quite alot but decided to started with brooches - the word, "brooch" sounds so old to me - "pin" sounds more modern.  Anyway,,,here goes...

Festive, don't you think?

I also am including a card, note card, greeting card - whatever one likes to call them.  I ordered photos from Shutterfly of pictures I had taken of some of my Seasonal Felted Art Collectibles.  I went to Joanne's today and bought some pretty pearlized white cardstock.  Of course, finding the right size for a 4 x 6" photo wasn't that easy.  However, after some cropping, I'm happy with the outcome.  All I need is to get the envelopes.

So, there you more wreath and tree to do!!!

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  1. Everything looks great -- I am SO exited for the holidays!!!



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