Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cats, Poppies, Goats and Cow

I just finished two more minis and I want to include a few lovely animals shots from the Howard County Fair we went to yesterday (Maryland, of course).  Which first, hmmmm.
Cats at Play featuring three Googly Eyes Cat Buttons!
You can see us better - Meoooow!
Two  loops for hanging horizonal and vertical
Two Goaties who were chewing at the same time - I want them!
Who can resist!


  1. Connie I am loving your mini felts!!! The floral ones that you have done are my absolute favorites, but the one with the kitties is adorable too! These would be so cute incorporated into a quilt! Keep them coming!

  2. Thanks as always, Kelly - a quilt, hmmmmmmm!



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