Monday, August 9, 2010


While I'm waiting for the Orkin man to come and zap some ants in the kitchen (heard we're not the only ones with this problem), here goes some photos of "Periwinkles".
Periwinkles come in different colors
Horizontal on Easel
Vertical on Wall, has two loops on back

It's interesting about these new little artworks:

#I can't figure out a name for them!  Felted, Embroidered, Beaded (not always), Embellished, Quilted (there is batting and it's all a sandwich), Mini Art, Wallhanging (but what about the easel?).

CALLING ALL MY FOLLOWERS, WHAT SHOULD BE THE UMBRELLA NAME?  If I want to sell them, say on Etsy, I need a handle.  ANY IDEAS?  Needs to be catchy!

#2 What I like is that they're rather impressionistic.  Except for "Cats at Play", they are only meant to be suggestions, renderings, meerist images....  I like that...Nowadays - *hold it - philosophy coming* - everything is so defined and overdone, technical, concrete, fast moving, that imaginination, whimsy, delight in the simple is hard to grasp.

#3  Anyone like to give me ideas on how to market these?  They are nowhere except in my home, on my blog, FB and Flicker and a few Ning sites.

#4.  If anyone has any pictures of flowers (preferably closeup) that they could send me, I can make one of my "Whatevers" of it AND when I list it on Etsy, I can take a picture of my Whatever and your picture and give you credit.  If you're not on Etsy, doesn't matter, you'll be mentioned and on your blog or site you can refer to it.  What you think about that?

Any ideas you have, please contact me!
Oh, I sold one brooch!


  1. Your little felted pictures are all brilliant! The first name that popped in my head was 'Mini Felts' - I'm rubbish at thinking up names!
    If you have a look on my blog, I have some great photos of some dahlias I bought! Gorgeous yellows and pinks!

    Here's the link to the post:

  2. Sorry, I have no name suggestions for you, but I did want to say how much I like the new pieces that you are doing :) Very unique and lovely!



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