Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weaving, Face, Vermont?????

We had a lovely Memorial Day weekend in Vermont!  My husband manages the drive in 9 hours - not bad!  We took Buster the Beagle with us - he's great in the car!  He visited his beagle cousins, Buster and McGregor - they all get along very well.  Our new grandson, Leo - 7 weeks - is a real corker - lots of cooing and a few little laughs and lots of screaming - phew! can he get beside himself in an instant.  Jedd - our 3 year old is filled with "why?", songs and imagination!

Now, back to two more days of school for me and Friday morning - my facelift!  I can't believe the time actually has arrived.  You know how it is, you plan for something and the date seems far away and you imagine it and then it actually happens - no surprise, but it's something to ponder.  My nose is wonderful - no one has actually said, "Wow, what a difference" - those who know me well, see that it's straight and I look good - I have gotten more compliments about my hair color lately.  The color hasn't changed though, hmmmm.  I have almost all the feeling back - and sneezed a few times - nothing happened.  I must say that I am emotional over this next and LAST surgery.  Of course, it's a big one and the emotions are nervousness, excitement, gratitude to those who will take care of me (including my dear husband).  I can only approach it the same way I did my nose, but this time with more confidence cause it went so well.  Enough of this for now.

I haven't felted in awhile - but I did finish one weaving.  I used the green yarn I had in my stash.  I added some of my felted snakes (tubes) and lots of interesting fibers.  Weaving on this small loom is very satisfying.  It is so manageable and is really mistake proof.  I did goof a few times (going over when I should have gone under and the reverse) but managed to fix it fast before I got too far from the mistake.  Here's a photo of the end result.  It is hung on a Yucca stalk (my Yucca fixation) in our bedroom.  The bead I found on Etsy, http://www.etsy.com/shop/macarroll.  She makes lovely beads.  This one is so soft in color and smooth to the touch!
to the left, see the bead and below it one of my felted snakes.
I added a dark blue fiber/ribbony/thingy/stringy to the bubbly light green yarn-looks like waves, sort of.
I'm now working on another one in shades of orange, pink, purple and some black.

Here are some pictures from our Vermont trip:
Buster and McGregor doing the Beagle Bump
Daughter and kids planting seedlings.
Here's Jedd helping Mom and playing with his tiny truck.  There's Buster in the background and later that night he was "sick as a dog" after eating some mulch!
"Ain't that funny!"


  1. Gorgeous Leo, lovely Buster & McGregor. I'm going to do a needle felt dog with their inspiration. Your blog is inspiring.

  2. beautiful, now I can see part of the family, and your fabulous art!!



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