Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It's been awhile since I wrote due to inactivity....and my tipplasty - the tip of my nose has been reshaped as of last Wednesday.  Surgery and recovery have been great - didn't need to take hardly any pain pills - husband attentive - great surgeon and nurses - hanging around the house - sleeping - eating  AND no felting or weaving until yesterday.

Today all stitches very pleased - swelling and a yellow tinge (for springtime, of course) under my eyes.  I have to do some squeezing to help the shaping - my nose is actually straight when it had been croocked (slanted to the left so I always felt like doing a left turn).  The tip is not like a bulb, either.  OK, enuf of that. June 4th is the big facelift.  AND, no pictures posted here - either.  I am not to bend over, do exercise (ugh) or heaving lifting. Which has curtailed my "moving" life.

Yesterday, I did some painting (experiment with a felted flower attached to canvas where I painted leaves) while watching QVC - dangerous - bought a huge umbrella for the deck - thank God for easy pay.  This exercise in painting didn't come out the best - but has possibilities.  Then I started some weaving on my new little loom.  Problem with me is that I have so many ideas that I get bogged down and end up doing virtually nothing - frustration here.

So, here are a few pictures of the last weaving I tried using sari ribbon, beads and jewelry wire I bent and inserted.

The next pictures is of a book, "three-dimensional EMBROIDERY" by Janet Edmonds that I particularly like.  It talks about making vessels and all sorts of odd shapes out of fabric and paper and objects around the house.  I particularly am interested in coiling - wrapping fabric, ribbon, wire, with thread, etc. I bought some cotton cord that is used as piping in upholstery (from JoAnne's) and am going to use some fat quarters I bought (from where else?) to machine stitch cords and then wind them around into a coiled bowl.  From there, I have a few other ideas, but will leave it at, let's see if I do it.

OK, and here is the beginning of my weaving - greens.

So, that's it for now!  Buster has been a constant companion - someone to snuggle and talk to.

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