Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's been so very long since I posted!  This is partially because of my surgeries AND because I haven't created very much.  I had my facelift Friday, June 4th.  This Friday, will be three weeks.  It has been and is, one amazing journey.  So, I guess, you can say that I've been creating myself.  Actually, I have done this throughout my life...I've been married, divorced, remarried, widowed and now married again.  Throughout that time, I was many Connie's.  I do believe this is my last reincarnation of "me".  At one time, I named myself (only in my head), Cassandra.. maybe that's who I am now.

Facelift surgery is an interesting process.  It began around 5 years ago - at first, the Dr. said I wasn't ready yet (how nice, my husband loved him for that), then two years ago I was ready but when my husband and I looked at al the forms and got scared, we opted for just doing fillers.  This past winter,  I had had it.  Why you ask?  I didn't feel old - 61 - nor did I look my age - but still - vanity thy name is Connie.  Having always been an artist in some form, modeling, dancing, art and thus being visual, it was hard to accept what I saw in the mirror.  Fear?  Yes, of course, fear of getting old and more importantly looking it.  People who really know me aren't surprised at my decision - my two daughters included.  My husband, Ken, had had it with me and said, "Just get the darn thing done already".

How to balance fear of looking old and fear of surgery.  I did alot of thinking.....I talked to the Dr. again....I  talked to a wonderful patient of his who had had a facelift some 6 weeks before I met  Finally, the fear of surgery wasn't a big deal.  Between the Dr., his staff and the patient, we decided to go ahead.   I was told there was not real pain afterwards - just tightness - and of course, there are the pain pills and muscle relaxants.  So armed with all my friends prayers, info and pills and of course with the usual nervousness, I drove myself (husband with me) to both surgeries - let's take control, I said to myself.  I will leave it here for now - not sure if anyone wants to read about the journey and show you the woven wallhanging I'm finishing up.

I have not felt creative.  I haven't really felt that way for a little while.  Of course, I can't bend over, I can't exert myself (means no Zumba) and it's so easy to become lethargic staying at home, going to the doctors and to Starbucks.  When I do get ideas and then I go on Etsy to just look around, I get this exhausted feeling.  Actually, I am tired and do take a nap, not surprising I get overwhelmed easily.  I have so many items I've made that I have taken off of my Shop, there are only about 17 left I think.  In August, I am going to put more on there for the Fall season.  Then again, I may try another site.  Here goes with a few pictures.
I used every piece of orangey/pinkishy, purpley, peachy, greeny I have in my stash.  I added previously needlefelted beads and a few wet felted tubes.  Notice below....
I played with using different yarn on either side instead of weaving straight across with one yarn.  I also created a hole (yes, on purpose) and placed a tube across the right side and looped it up to the left.  I'm trying new things with this weaving business.
Above shows (not to my liking though), the different yarns I used - there is alot of shine.  I used some ribbon, added a green felted tube and some roving with more ribbon above.  It's interesting the textures you can get with different weight yarn.

As always, here's Buster
He looks like he ate what was in that pot (or maybe he's on pot), nope and no pain relievers either..I just caught him in a mid-air yawn after he sniffed the marigolds.


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling well after your surgery. :) Your weaving has wonderful colors, and I like how there are many different textures. I see something different every time I look at it. I hope you continue to heal and are able to get back to the things you enjoy- like Zumba and feel a bit more inspired! :)

  2. Thanks Kelly!
    Feeling more inspired today..thank you for your support.

  3. Oh my im having a noisy around your blog to find somemore weaving and this is so outstanding and i love everything about it the colours are beautiful.



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