Saturday, April 10, 2010


YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE -  I HAVE A NEW GRANDSON, LEO, AS OF 9:52AM.  Got the call at 8:00am from Vermont and another on at 10:00 - fast or what?  One minute my daughter was having contractions and making bagels and the next Daddy is calling.  My other grandson who will be 3 on Monday got to watch his brother come out.  So, after crying, having lunch and seeing a movie with husband, Ken, I'm getting my things ready to go on the train tomorrow bright and early.  I will be blogging a bit whle I'm there, I'll really have lots to report - I'll look for felting inspiration.

The YUCCA FROGGA IS HERE has two meanings  #1 - my wallhanging for a fiber challenge and #2 - Because Leo makes little croaking noises (heard over the phone, of course).

Here's the finished YUCCA FROGGA WALLHANGING - but I've decided the FROGGA is capable of hopping around the fronds cause he can't decide his place in life.

I glue gunned the top frond and caught some of the fronds with the embroidery thread to keep it all down.  I decided to learn from the lesson on the last wallhanging and decided not to hang it by the Sari ribbon.  So, on the back, is a nice piece of commercial blue felt with a pocket for a stick.  However, and I haven't checked cause I really am on that train tomorrow in my head, I think the pocket is too low so the weight of the frond will make the top flop over...promise I'll fix that when I get back.

I've uploaded some photos onto the fiberartsmixedmedia site for their April challenge to use things from nature.  Here's the link again   So that's it for now..

I'm off tomorrow.  Buster will be with Daddy.  Don't cry!!
He'll be coming up in two weeks to visit his two beagle cousins:  Here he is with McGregor.  There's another one named Buster, but I can't find a picture of him.


  1. Congratulations on your new grandbaby!! Enjoy your time with him!

  2. Thanks Kelly, very sweet of you!

  3. Thanks for the visit and congratulations on the new grandchild. Love that frog!



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