Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well, very warm...bang, bang across the street...waiting for the baby who is due today!  Other grandparents who live nearer to my daughter (she's in Vermont) will arrive first.  I'll wait awhile, see if I can get a few days in at work before I leave for two weeks.  I'm goin' on The Vermonter train - 12 hours.  Other grandson will be 3 next Tuesday....hope the new little guy doesn't put in an appearance on THAT day.

Sooo, the PASTEL is lying on a canvas in my lightbox....waiting for the mood to strike it's creator.  I feel sort of up in the air right now cause of the in my anxiety, I decided to work on an April Challenge for my Mixed Media group - use something from nature.  Here goes...
confusing picture?
This is a nice piece of felt (sound like a nice piece of "fish") I had done before.  Greens, blues, yellow, yarn ontop of white.  It is thick and as you can sort of see, very textured.

Then there's the nature part.  I found sticks (from pruning a bush) and attached them with green/blue/yellow multi colored and shiny embroidery thread.  I found two beads I had made from paper and some other ones that I felt appropriate and added them in.  There's a stick on the bottom, corded Sari ribbon for the hanger AND a big stick.    Now, look down and you see a needlefelted frog I made last summer (I adore frogs and toads).  He is placed in a.....
part of a Yucca plant I have in the front yard.  If you have one, you know it can be very "yucka"!  I managed to get this chunk off.  In the middle was a piece of gnarled fibrous material.  Once I took that off, this wonderful circle came with it.  Dead but now alive.  Inside it is stringy.  I painted this ring in blue, yellow and some of that green metallic liquid acrylic I used for the "pastel".  This piece will be affixed (how???) to the top of the wallhanging.  The big stick in the bottom of the hanging you see two pix above is the middle dead stalk.  I too painted it in the same colors.  I'l take more pix later of that and more closeups.

For now,,,that's it.  More to finish....attaching the above, the big stick and the Sari ribbon.  The little sticks were affixed this morning with  ☛☛☛☛☛   none other than ☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟
who had ripped stuffing out of "his" chaise lounge.  You can see, I was working outside on my hanging.
Here'S Buster knowing he had not exhibited good behavior.  He was in the midst of rolling over in submission.  I mean, gosh, he's just too cute.  The loung is really "HIS" now.  Enjoy Buster, Mommy get a new one.


  1. Loving the idea to get to your wallhanging....its wonderful

  2. Love your blog, very detailed and interesting. Thanks for sharing.



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