Saturday, April 3, 2010

Musing on the Pastel Felted

Gorgeous Day....Our windows are open and so are the ones across the street that the guys are working on..bang, bang, bang.

I've made some progress on my pastel felted.  I've added beads.. yes, managed to thread them but NOT with invisible thread.  I also used a threader which helped the frustration level tremendously.  I attached some pearl like little beads to resemble the light  (see the previous post on 4/1 pls.).  I didn't overdue it though.  I took my time with the additions not wanting to do too much.

You'll see some rose colored bigger beads which are attached with light green (with some sheen) embroidery thread.  I painted a bit more here and there, also.  Here are a few pictures..

Next, I found a previously felted piece which was really part of something that didn't work but it had some of that peach Sari ribbon in it.  A bit too blue on the bottom and thicker than this felted, butttttttt, I did paint it with the green metallic liquid acrylic.  I also, secured it by needlefelting, green thread and some beading.

So now what?  Maybe I should put something lower left...I'll MUSE on it some more. 

Obiously, BUSTER and the rusted grasshopper are doing the same!!


  1. Lovely soft colours. Hmm yes, hard to know where to go next. You could do many things!Love this piece.Love Buster!!

  2. This felt work is them all....hope your not trying to felt your easter sunday.



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