Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Day is It?

Alas, felting has taken a back seat to my new grandson, Leo.  He came on Saturday, April 10th.  I hightailed it to Vermont on a 12 hour train - ugh!  Really was not that bad as I had a good book, some magazines and made one fabric flower!  I'm in love with some of the beautiful fabrics that are out there - well, they've always been there - but I've never paid much attention.  I bought some "fat quarters" - isn't that a funny name?  Then I did what lots of flower makers do, just folded a strip of fabric over to make a strip and hand sewed, in a long running stitch, and made the gathers.  Any piece of felt involved?  Well, one has a felted ball in the middle.  I can't say it was all that easy - although, it's supposed to be...
We'll be coming home this coming Sunday and back to work and see how I can get myself back to Connie and out of the Gramsie mode....darn!  Will be time to take my Etsy Shop out of "vacation mode".

What Day Is It?  A Glorious Day When A New Baby Comes Into The World!  But honestly,  the days can sure slip into each other!

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  1. Congrats. Love reading your blog, very interesting.



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