Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Whole Other Story/Sheep/Wool Festival

Off to the Maryland Sheep ad Wool Festival in Howard County, Maryland.  It's about 45 minutes from here and is a real feast for the senses!  Of course, SensoryFelteds is really open to this!  I'm also, unfortunately, open to buying roving, tussah silk and anything else that catches my eye - which is everything!  I remember the first time I went with friends.  I was knitting felting!  I was amazed at the lines of people, women standing and knitting, wearing their handmade items, suitcases, MEN, too!  These were not men just dragged along (I would never take mine), but guys actually buying stuff.

What I don't like is the lamb shishkabob, etc.  Being a vegetarian, I still can't get over fawning over a sheep and then turning around for a ewe burger (or whatever)!  YUCK!

Last year, it was raining.  I remember sitting in my car and phoning my dearly beloved dance partner from the 1980's (a whole other story).  Brian Boyer, who was my Fred Astaire.  I remember the rain pouring down and we talked about....can't even remember...but I know we both cried.  Six months later he died of liver cancer.  On the way home, I got a flat tire...BUT, I sure did buy some wonderful "stuff"..some of which I have now.

I'm in a sort of quandry wonderful Tapestry Keepsake Bowls are not selling.  I cranked out so many, some of which are on Etsy.  As I mentioned maybe only one time before, I am having cosmetic surgery June 4th (also another story) and will be laid up for awhile.  Hmmmm, I took time off to go to Vermont, too.  I am at the point, I'm sure many artists get there too, of re-evaluating what I want to do artistically.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, I am talented in many areas.  I DO love felting and I adore what I make.  After talking with my husband yesterday, we have come up with a plan.........

I am going to investigate other online venues.  A felter, whom I really respect, Nicola Brown of Clasheen, has switched to Big Cartel.  It has a "boutique" look, as she puts it.  I'm not sure that this is the site for me.  But, I do know that Etsy has gotten huge and it's easy to get lost..ESPECIALLY because their is no category for handfelted (wet, traditional technique) creations.  Now, don't get me wrong here, I too have knitted a few things and then put them in the washing machine (not for sale though), but I don't want my products put in the same category with these items.  Wet felting takes alot of time, especially if I further embellish each piece.  Also, it comes down to pricing.  I feel my prices are worthy of the product.

I will go today and maybe tomorrow (yardwork sounds like fun, though).  I bet that I will get motivated after seeing everything today.  I'm also meeting a gentleman and his wife at the Festival (he and I performed a very long time ago in a production of Brigadoon).  Oh my gosh, not another story!

Here's a few recent pictures.....
Bowls in the Afternoon


Matt, Emily, Jedd and baby Leo.  Jedd wanted to be "comfy cozy" like baby brother.
(that's a painting I did in the background)
End of story for nowwwww..............


  1. Beautiful family. It's tough for the older child when a new babbie comes along. Seems like Matt & Emily are doing a great job making him feel included.

  2. How lovely. Congratulations to all of you!!
    If you haven't already recommended it, you may want to suggest the parenting book, "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk". It is infinitely better than the authors' later book on sibling rivalry, but does address the topic very well and is wonderful overall. Best--XXO



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