Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is It Enough?

Spring is here!  But I still love my boots - guess I"ll have to paint my toenails the same color.

Every once in awhile it's good to stand back from your creative endeavors and re-evaluate.  I've taken another look at my bowl/vessels.  I love them.  I think they are well done and imaginative. I love the colors. The process can be tedious and sometimes my back hurts AND I love my bowls.

Have they sold? No.  My only venue at this point is Etsy which I started on Halloween.  I had one big sale of brooches, flowers and pendants.  That was it.  I have done two local artists markets and sold a little bit.  I have had my pieces in a lovely local shop - a few things have sold.  No, I haven't pursued all avenues of advertising or other online sites.  I have joined, as you can see, on the sidebar, many wonderful organizations, etc.  I love Working With Felt because this is where fellow fiber artists share their work and learn and discuss.

It is actually a wonder that people are buying anything artistic in this financial climate.  But that could be just is when we need all the color and inspiration we can get in our lives.

Sooo, my question to myself is:  "Is it enough to appreciate my own work and to have others do the same?"  Is it the selling and the buying and the $ the most important?  I would say the latter is a no.  Yes, I would love to make money from my pieces.  Actually, it's the thought of someone treasuring my things as much as I do and wanting them as part of their life that touches me--That is miraculous.

So my brooches and bowls and pendants line my desktop and my artroom.  I have many ideas for making new things - for combining materials - for painting - for felted wallhangings.  Is it art for art's sake?  Yes. 

I have decided to have a facelift in early June - vanity thy name is......yes, me.  It's time for my renewal and like felting this will be tedious and painful.   But, I am willing to be patient while I heal.  I will not be creating felted pieces, but "ME" my own new piece.  I guess you can say, my face will be needlefelted...interesting.  I will be forced to take another step back and look at myself and my artistic needs.  I will also hold my bowls for comfort and support -

 and that's enough.


  1. First of all, I want to say that your felted pieces are splendid! Every one of them!

    I have been selling online and at shows for almost five years now. I started out because I wanted to pay for my felting/fiber addiction and now it has worked itself into a nice little home business allowing me to stay at home with my baby girl. It took at least 2 years for me to get established, and I still don't feel like I have surpassed the beginning to intermediate stage of my business growth. It is a lot of work to sell online and elsewhere consistently and really just takes time and dedication to get going and continue the momentum consistently.

    If you don't have to depend on "making stuff" as part of your actual income, then don't worry about selling - yes, please do keep your lovely Etsy shop! But most importantly have fun with it :)

    I can say that part of the selling decline for all artist/crafters (not just you - promise!) is the economy. I have started to branch out and sell kits and supplies because there is more demand for that and because it is a little easier to do while taking care of my baby girl full-time. I still love making stuff though and will never stop doing that even if my items don't sell quickly and in large quantity. You just have to ride the tide so to speak and enjoy it even if it is a little bumpy along the way :O) Best wishes!

  2. oh, I wanted to add... and have fun doing something all for you (facelift), although you are gorgeous in your profile photo, and I don't think you need one - you are beautiful inside and out just like your felted creations :)



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