Saturday, March 20, 2010

Felt,Ribbon, Recycled Beads

Beautiful Day!!!!  CREATIVE IDEAS!!!

I woke up early and as always, my mind was filled with creative ideas.  After my morning Starbucks' Chai Tea Latte (my one addiction) and a walk with the dog, I sat "meself" down in my artroom.  Actually, I stood cause I'm too energetic from the springtime.

Felt, Ribbon and Recycled Beads
I took two pieces of recent feltings (made from batts) and sewed them together with ribbon.  The ribbon is from a pack of special fibers I bought last summer.  Some of that same ribbon is in one of the pieces.  I actually found a needle big enough to thread it through......  I have some beads I bought at the ReStore in Barre, Vermont where my daughter lives:  It is a great place for finding all sorts of things.  These beads were given to them by a bead factory (da).  Many of the ones I bought are cracked.  I chose a few and strung them on the ribbon.  I like that they are re-cycled.  I also strung one of my felted beads.  I added a felted leaf at the bottom.

I also have some other bits of feltings.  Some I cut from bowls I made that didn't quite work.  I also added one of my spiral brooches (before the backing was put on).

Here are a few pictures of a work in progress.  This will be a wallhanging.  I may add some bits on the end.  As with any art project, there's a fine line between overdoing and "leave it alone".  I'm happy I started on this gorgeous day.


  1. This is wonderful! I am loving the textures, colors, and organic shape! Very inspiring!

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