Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Living Color

My fav. colors right now struck me when I was wearing a green shirt and my favorite  Lucky Brand boots.

I decided to try and find items on Etsy that have these colors.

The above is from Jessica Doyle's shop....  Check out her other renderings.

How about the above from Diana Evans also fom Etsy. Aren't these gals cute?  See all her other creations at....

These cute bags and notecards I found on 1000 Markets  from Jemily at Http://

Hey, that's the back of one of my pins.  Cool!  Well, the colors may be off a bit - but I'm in the ballpark.  If you have an item that match these colors, send it to me and I'll post it.  These are wonderful living colors - purple and green.  Very healing, also.

AND look at this felted scarf by Clasheen: Check out her other pieces on her Flickr. site:


  1. oh you are so so sweet!!! I love your choices...and thank you for including one of my prints...

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Thanks very much Connie for including a picture of my scarf in your post! It's always nice to discover a felting blog that is new to me so I will be watching this space with interest!! I am blogging about nuno felting and shibori again today over at and am now thinking of making another scarf in that gorgeous apple green and hot pink combo,



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