Friday, March 4, 2011

A Real "Green" Pod

I needed a piece for the bottom front of the piece - something to compliment the
top piece of nuno felt.  So, I added another one formed in a U shape, folded it over, sewed it onto the POD and added a beautiful handmade glass bead from a great Etsy shop, Canyon Echoes.  You'll be seeing some of her other beauties soon.
Here you can see the piece on the front portion.  I also added a previously wet felted cord which just happened to be in the right colors - teal blue, lime green with white silk fibers.  Then, how to attach it and how to make it look a bit fancier.  I had two beads from the ReStore in Barre, VT (these beads came from a factory which I assume thought they weren't good enough to sell) so I strung them on.  They are moveable.  I decided to attach them with the same yellow embroidery thread I used to attached the front nuno piece.  I knotted as I stitched and I like the effect.

This POD is now available at my Etsy Shop


  1. wow this is so awesome!!! what talent! i would love to have something like that on my door with flowers in it like you showed in the picture!

    makes me want a cottage in the woods for some reason!!!

  2. Thanks for your delightful comment teener - maybe I should make a huge one! Can we put one of your eggs inside?



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