Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Engergetic Pod Felted with Beads

Was in a car accident yesterday so today not doing too well - more emotionally than physically.  Enuf to say, the guy hit me, he accepts liability, I was 5 minutes from school where I work, I will be able to drive me car, I'm driving a cool rental one.

Here's the latest post FEATURING a Sculpey bead and two fabric beads - I made them.

There's my clay bead uptop, and the two fabric beads nestled in.
I added a round piece of Felted and beaded it.  I attached a piece of wool yarn for the hanger, I twisted purple and green embroidery thread around it and slipped the bead on.  To attached the yarn, I put holes in the Pod and brought the ends through and tied them.  See those nice fiber beads?  I had fun with these. The top on I painted little flowers on and the ends.  The one on the bottom is a previous piece I had quiltied and done some needle felting on.  I painted on that , also.  There are the two hanging beads.  I took head pins and strung the seed beads on and put a big one on the bottom, did a bit of glueing and bending of the bottom of the wire.

Can't say two peas in a pod - but there are two pods, anyway!

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