Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Three Large Organic Brooches

I'm very much enjoying making dimensional brooches. In this frenzy of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Coupon Codes, etc., it's been nice to sit down and make some large unusual brooches.

I found one of these brooches from last year - unfinished - no backing - but I think it has punch.  I don't quite remember how I made it, but it does have four what I call "lumps" which I sewed together.  I think they may have been wet felted.  I love Mixed Media and this brooch has it all!  It has two green glass beads which I attached with french knots.  I also used some fabric paint.  Felt is rather fuzzy and bumpy so is certainly not a smooth canvas.  But, I did a dab here and there and like the effect.  I also like it's heft.

It's 4" and really packs a wallop!

I have a box filled with odds and ends of felteds - pieces I started - brooches begun and curious shapes.  I decided to get it out and see if I could piece something together - great to do while watching TV.

I found a piece with two leaves attached to a round - I diddled around with it and then found a circular piece matching the same color as the center - I put them together with stitching in green and yellow, added two leaves to the bottom, attached the pinback and commercial felt to the back and blanket stitched around.  This has turned out to be one of my favorite pieces..

Now here's a real interesting fully colored and sculpted large brooch!  I made it last year and did not put a backing on it.  It's also about 3".  The top round piece is almost 1/2" thick!  

Of course, all three are available in my Shop - great gifts for the Fashionista, I say!

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