Friday, November 12, 2010


Sellers on Etsy are all about promoting, giveaways, special and all in all some WONDERFUL DEALS!  I wonder if the general public has any idea what lovely handmade pieces there are.  You just can't beat buying something from the artist - great customer service, also.  I know so many sellers who are working so very hard and it DOES takes money to sell.  With recycling being the new thing to do, many sellers can keep costs down.  Then there is the time you spend to make something, the time it takes to promote it and craft shows and promotional materials and postage.

I have great respect for my fellow artists and creators and wish them a great selling season - which seems like such a short time.  There is hardly any chatter about Fall items - I still have a few that are appropriate..I feel like we've jumped over Thanksgiving and into Hanukkah (to a small extent)/Christmas.  Feels just like retail - like Joanne's - before you know it, they'll have Valentine's Day things out.

So, I'm on the bandwagon with some promotions.

#1.  Anyone who has fanned me on my Facebook Fanpage, can get a deal.   I'VE SOLD 48 PIECES AND AM LOOKING TO HIT 50 BY SUNDAY NIGHT...sooooo.  FREE SHIPPING, too!

Buy two felted pumpkin/leaf brooches and get the third FREE. They are great to wear from now till Thanksgiving....give it to someone NOW to wear at the Thanksgiving festivities.  Sport it now on these beautiful Fall days!

Here's my Page:

#2  I'm in this blog Giveaway hosted by Jewelrybysolange - ends MONDAY, 11/15
I'm giving away four needlefelted pumpkins.

#3.  I've added these new felted Poinsettia brooches:  They come with a 5" x 7" photo card of my poinsettia felted art collectible, plus envelope in a cellophane sleeve.

#4.  Want to see my latest Hanukkah Felted Art Collectible?  you do?  ok

It's reserved for my dear friend, once again.  Don't you love the rabbi?  Of course, he and the menorah are not for sale - they're ours.

bye for now and thanks for listening~~

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