Saturday, October 16, 2010

Some of my Favorites

I've really enjoyed my felting, lately!  Below are some of the new ones in my Shop.  I have had problems posting pictures here - hopefully everything is fine now and I can get back to telling you about my felting adventures and inspirations.

First, we all love Chrysanthemums - I assume, anyway.  I've taken careful note of how mine have started out - budding and then letting it rip.  So here is my orange version with a few blooms and leaves which have fallen.

These are french knots and once I get started, watch out.  I enjoyed embroidering the basket, also.

My ever favorite Charlotte's Dahlia.

Bug Tracks - this started out very abstract and ended up that way - see the bead bug almost in the center?  what else do you see?

Ahhhh, a vessel - merino wool, silk fiber and a yellow novelty yarn.  I adore this!

Two together - I love taking pictures!

Couldn't resist plunking a pumpkin smack dab in the middle of this vessel - look at the texture on the inside - I always enjoy beating up my felteds - they get all wrinkly - better them than me!

More to come later - I'm tired from my daughter and family being here - and a bit sad - so it's off to watch a Caps hockey game with my husband and enjoy (?) the quiet (well, maybe).

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  1. fab bowls especially the one with the pumpkin!



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