Friday, September 24, 2010

PeaceFelt 2010-My Contribution!

This past Tuesday, I mailed my PeaceFelt to Liza in New Zealand.  I will receive mine from British Columbia!  I posted a picture of my piece on their blog and Liza actually saw it - nuts, I wanted it to be a surprise!  However, she loves it - I think she'll like the piece in person - and I know it's going to take a long time for her to get it so just as well she got a peak.

People around the world joined in on this wonderful Project to celebrate Peace Day on September 21st.  Not everyone is a felter - but I think the creation has to be at least 20% felt.  That leaves plenty of leeway for all sorts of art!

My creation is taken from bowls that didn't make it, a brooch not finished, random felteds, yarn, beads and who knows what else.  I wanted to make something colorful, of course and unique.  It had to be 12" x 12".  Turns out I cut one bowl and got two nice pieces.  I had two other previously felted pieces.  BTW, these are all wet felted.  Each piece was/is needlefelted with other colors and shapes.  I played with colors that normally wouldn't go together - I got some amazing results!

It took some time to play with the pieces - trying to figure out what went with what.  I added a flower, an unfinished swirl brooch  (some finished can be found in my Etsy Shop), a needlefelted long bead and a few doodads (a bead and some other little felteds).  I added stitching and a great piece of yarn/thread that was made by women from Nepal.  I used a couching stitch and wound the fiber through the peces.  Now, what to do for a backing because it looked pretty messy.  I took a piece of commercial felt and blanket stitched the top to it.

I wrote Liza a letter telling her about my inspiration and thoughts about the piece.  I also included a picture of myself and my husband.  We were asked to talk a bit about our lives like hobbies and where we live.

I had such a wonderful time putting it all together.  The process was lots of fun!  I like to make things totally out of the norm, also.  There's a real freedom just MAKING something - totally not for sale - but for the sheer pleasure of art and giving.


  1. WOW i love the colours in this. felting is something i'd love to learn.

  2. These are very fun pieces of work - love them!
    Thanks for stopping by on my blog as well.
    Since you asked how to follow my blog - there is an rss sign up on the right column above the blog list and below the picture of the DVD.
    It says "subscribe to" and if you click the down arrow it will add the blog to whatever reader you prefer.

    Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to seeing more of your work!



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