Friday, July 23, 2010

Wild Abandon

This is my "Wild Abandon" still in progress.  While I'm still healing from the ole "lift" and I'm a bit tired (but then who isn't?), I decided I needed to make something small yet free.  So, with the inspiration of Susan Sorrell at,  I am letting it rip.

This started as a piece of green merino (I think) wool and, what I thought was, a lovely silk cap.  It had shades of green and burgandy.  It looked so nice in the plastic bag!  Well, it bled and bled and bleeded and bleeded.  The end result was very muddy.  I think I only did two layers of the green and then put the cap over it.  I was so disappointed, not to mention that I paid the $ and I believe it shouldn't bleed - right fiber people?

So what to do?  I decided to paint over some of it using fabric paint and some green liquid acrylic.  Nope, didn't make it.  So, more painting.....What was there to lose?  I got my embroidery thread and started stitching.  I added some seed beads.  I don't like using them because I don't like invisible thread!  Then added some bigger beads using an old needle my mother used to practice her stitching with when she was a little girl.  It worked perfectly for the light green and reddish bigger beads!  But alas the needle broke - a bit rusty and I pulled too hard.  Now I must find another one like it.  Susan Sorrell of Creative Chick does so many colorful, beaded and embroidered pieces, I thought I would try to emulate her.  So, I mastered French Knots - they're fun once you get the hang of it and then Bullion Knots and the Antwerp Edging Stitch.  I got the instructions off a blog.  I have sari ribbon so I stiched some pieces on.  Pretty soon most of the Yucky Muddy Color was covered! Well,,,, some is still there.  Maybe you can't see it - only I with peering eyes can.

So, I'm going to stitch and stitch.  What will I do with it? - not sure.  This kind of work is so much fun!  I may not trust my capabilities in some areas of my life, but I do TRUST my innate ABILITY


  1. This is a fab piece.I love the abandoned look!!You never know what will turn up .

  2. I love this! And thanks for the link to Susan Sorrell's web site. I signed up for one of her embroidery classes!

  3. I just love all the textures here and colour...something i'd like to try...but i wanna try to many things at the



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