Thursday, July 8, 2010

Show Time in West Virginia?

I got an e-mail this morning from a fellow Etsyian who asked me to participate in a Heritage Days Festival in West Virginia in mid-September.  There are a few things to consider before I respond.

I've done two local shows which were held inside.  I did fairly well.  As a vendor, there is alot of planning to do.  For example, do I take credit cards (some info. on this on the forums at Etsy)?  It's outside, I'll have to buy a tent.  What if it rains?  How do I package my items?  I have to pay for the space.  Will there be enough traffic?  This is the first time they have held it.  Do I have enough inventory?  If not, do I feel up to making more?  I have the time.  Do I have the energy?  Should I do a demo at my booth?  What should the booth look like?

Phew!!  My husband came with me to the last two shows (the money keeper).  He's not one for sitting around but is good with math.  The show is for only one day and is near a casino - maybe the promise of going there for the buffet after the show might lure him AND I'd treat (of course, depends on how much $
I 'd make at the show).  This could be a costly endeavor - ha ha.

So, these are my musings.  Here are some pictures of my first show
I remember looking at the other vendors' booths.  Wow, they came with tons of displays!  You know, cases and shelves, lights and little treats.  I bought this metal birch tree on Ebay.  I thought it was different.  We'll see what's my next move.  Maybe Buster the Beagle should attend adorned with a felted  collar - nope - he'd probably get the heeby jeebies and overturn the table - hey, at least I'd attract attention!


  1. I LOVE your table of little felted bits of gorgeousnmess!!Your sdisplay is just FINE!!!If you have too many things on display people get confused and overwhelmed.

  2. The birch tree is nice even the ornaments are pretty!



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