Friday, July 30, 2010

National Dance Day 7/31!

National Dance Day is tomorrow, 7/31. http://   Dance studios, YMCA's, etc. are going to celebrate this day.   If you watch  "So You Think You Can Dance", you're familiar with Nigel and choreographers, Tabatha and Napoleon.  Taking dance into the comminuties is part of an effort by an organization, "DizzyFeet" run by Nigel and his pool of choreographers and notables.  DizzyFeet brings dance to underpriviledged youngsters - giving them the chance to achieve their fullest artistic expression.

Tabatha and Napoleon have choreographed a small dance to be done all over the USA!  You can learn it on the website.  It's not hard to learn, but when you add the music, phew it's fast.  I'm going to a celebration about 10 minutes from our home (husband going, too).  They are going to teach the dance, do a Zumba class and jsust have a free for all.  The "dance" will be filmed.  Nigel will be at DC.'s celebration.

Dance has been a huge part in my life!  I have taught, choreographed, performed and established several dance companies.  I have taught adults and children with disabilities.

Get up and boogy - you can't go wrong!  I'll try and take some piectures!  LET IT RIP!

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