Thursday, March 4, 2010

Purse/Pouch Experiment

This past weekend I tried a little purse.  It came out pretty well.  I used the same technique as with the bowls.  I added a few pieces of grey/blue silk (bought from The Funky Felter) just to see what would happen.  I like the way it puckered!  I added a piece of nuno felted gauze to the back not sure it would wet felt into the new fibers.,,but it did!  Then I felted a long tube adding some glitz.  I poked holes in the back of the purse and thread it through and then tied it ,,, used a little glue here, too.
I glued and embroidered on a funky piece I had needlefelted for some flourish.  I added snaps and wala!  Only thing is that the handle is too short and the piece too big - looks a little funny around my neck..but I like it.

It was fun to make something different from the bowls.  As for them, I'm not sure where to sell them yet. I haven't done well on Etsy and they may go better in a shop in my area....anyone got any ideas?  I keep thinking bridal or graduation...hmmmmmm

1 comment:

  1. Love the bag. Isn't felt great "stuff" to work with.So flexible, and "sculptable".



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