Sunday, February 28, 2010


Two new Tapestry Bowls have emerged!  Picture first, then description.....

This one is made with off white Merino wool.  Of course, it's wet felted.  In keeping with springyness (huh?), I needlefelted little buds with the Shetland wool I got from Sara's Textured Crafts.  I also  blended some greens and added leaves, some bits of yellow and a light green vine around the lower portion.  You can see the fuzz on the inside.  I think this adds further color and I like the way the little hairs feel in contrast to the rest of the felt.  I photographed it nesting in white tulle (always have on hand for wet felting).   Now, for the next:

I'm particularly fond of this one...notice the sculptural elements.  Probably, a felter would know why these sometimes occur.  Through no wonderful planning by myself, some of the wisps of wool which are placed around the resist (see my Tutorial), just don't make it to the lip of the bowl or they just don't adhere so well.  My own idea is that my wisps aren't very wispy..I make mine thicker becuase I'm afraid I'll get holes...well, hasn't happened yet.  I do love the resulting ridges and I can further deepen them by using my needlefelting barbed needle.  

The wool is a combination of Sara's Shetland and lovely new roving from Sweet Grass Wool.  It is from sheep called Targhee who are raised in the Montana-Wyoming area.  These two types of wools were wet felted.  I also threw in some pink fabric waste which you see in the second picture.  Then I sculpted the ridges.  I needlefelted little flowers onto the bowl and added vines and swirls and green on the lip of the bowl.  Again, I rested it on tulle for the photoshoot.

Here is the link to Sweet Grass Wool:


  1. Hi Connie!Thanks for the nice comments on my work. Aint felt a great fibre to work with. Love your vessels above! Will put you on my bloglist. Actually I cheasted a bit with the first vessel on the site, I put a pottery vase inbside to stabilise, Bbut now I have several vase patterns, so will wrap needle-felting roun d the outside. The leaves were quited fabric. But you could do them in needle felt just as easily. Perhaps stiffen? I'm new to this so will experiment.Maybe we could exchange notes?!

  2. These are lovely.Very soft deliacate colours.



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