Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Being inspired by a great site, Fiber Arts Mixed Media, http://fiberartsmixedmedia.ning.com/,  I finally finished my batts from a previous post, "felt, ribbon and recycled beads"  into......♬TADA♬.......
"I Came Together" wallhanging!!!!  Requires a picture here...
and another

I'm entering it into a March Challenge about "Found" ...things you forgot you had, things you pick up outside, etc.  What did I find?
  • Beads from The Restore in Barre, Vermont.  They are a good size and have large holes..a bit damaged, but just the thing.
  • A branch from outside which I sanded, painted and sealed
  • A previous felted leaf
  • copper coil I used to use for making jewelry
  • Recycled Sari ribbon (well, I bought it on Etsy).

I machine stitched Sari ribbon to the sides.  I wrapped orange thread around an orange sari ribbon and gathered the end (shown in above picture dangling).

Here are some closeups:

This pix shows where the two batts are joined.  I used some fancy ribbon threaded through three of the Vermont beads (two shown here).  There are two of my previous felted beads which I wrapped in thread.  The blue object on the left is the sari ribbon wound in copper wire with the addition of a fancy fiber.

Here's the top big red bead

I had one heck of a time figuring out how to hang it.  I looked on several sites, went to Joanne's fabrics and finally just put a casing on the back.  The stick I found, sanded and painted.  I used metallic green liquid acrylic and some new felt tipped pens.  I then gave it a coat of acrylic varnish.  I figure if I ever sell it, a dowel can be put through it.  For the photos, I had two nails already in the wall and just rested the stick there.  You could also string something (felted snake or ribbon) on either side of the stick and hang it on one nail.
The backing is commercial felt which is machine stitched with some multi-colored thread to the hanging.  I added a little muslin tag:


It should be 'WHO'S NEXT"
We're waiting for another grandson to be born - due date - April 8th.  He will join his brother who will be three on April 12th.  Needless to say, I have a suitcase ready.  I already mailed presents and
SpiderMan birthday decorations.  I don't know how this will all work out (taking a 12 hour train ride) as to when, b'day, work, baby,, but I do know

it will

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