Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow and Felting Crazy

Another day of snow - blizzard conditions...seems we'll be socked in for another day.  Hopefully, we'll get out tomorrow.  There's been alot of time to felt and work on promoting SensoryFelteds.  I've been averaging two mini vessels a day.  I uploaded two on Etsy, on Flickr, Craftomania, etc. and Twitter.  I usually spend a couple of hours on the computer, few more making bowls, and at night do my needlefelting while watching TV with my husband.

Here are the new Felted Mini Tapestry Bowls I put on.  I find I really like taking the pictures...lots of fun.

The bowls like the others I have made, take quite awhile to make from laying out the roving, wet felting, shaving, and drying to the last stage of needlefelting.  I want to customize these for my clients so that the mini bowls will match their decor.  They will give me the colors they would like to see and perhaps examples of their favorite fabric.

The example below shows a wallpaper border in our bedroom.  The colors of the bowl really compliment my color scheme.

The way the fibers are layed out and the process of wet felting where I really stretch and shape the bowl, give up interesting ridges and even places where the wool didn't completely felt.  This is where I can add embellishments either with roving or by simple poking my needle into the area.  Each bowl is always a surprise.

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