Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Snow Coming

After getting 29" last week, we're due for 10 - 20" more between now and tomorrow.  I don't think I"ll be going back to school this week.  At least I have more time to felt and be with my husband and Buster.  Here are some pictures of our townhouse development from the last storm.

Our cars are the first two on the right.
The picture on the right is a metal frog on a stick - what stick?  Looks like he's asking for help.

Close up of our cars.  Ken's is on the left. Again...what car?

We're all dug out (thanks to some young lads who dug us out -  sometimes money is no object when it comes to your health).  We've been out and about and are ready for the next bout.  Off to more creating!

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