Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mini Bowls

What I'm really enjoying lately is making little pots/vessels. They're very small and interestingly enough, still take about an hour to make. It's like doll clothes or baby clothes, sometimes the smaller the harder. I do them around a circle resist (cardboard). I find that cardboard works best, although, it seems to get soggy and I can't use it again - ok, it's plentiful enough. I am partiularly enjoying shaving, yes shaving, the bowl when it is finished and still wet. Up to the bathroom to get one of my husband's razors (cheap kind) and I sit and shave away. During the last stages of felting, which is "fulling", the fibers can get a big roughed up even on a small piece. Little hairs stick up. Some sellers and buyers like the fuzz. After the haircut/shave, the bowl looks nice and tidy. I'm not sure if I will embellish them yet. They are a great opportunity to decorate using a needlefelting needle (has barbs). I can add bits of shiny fiber, create sculpted ridges, and even add flowers, valentine hearts? hmmme. We'll see and I'll put them in a post.

Oh, the camel is on the front cover of the winter issue of Wild Fibers.  I like to put animals in my pictures - no reason they can't look cute...

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