Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dance With A Skeleton

Here are a few sharings.

I've almost finished physical therapy after my car accident March 7th - seems so long ago.  I've had a wonderful therapist who does a technique called, Counterstrain.  I am still in pain - but I always am from chronic pain condition.  I feel so much better though and this week I have been fully participating in my Movement Therapy classes with deaf children with disabilities.  I've also taken two dance classes - JOY, JOY!

Want a laugh?  Here we go....  Entitled:  PHYSICAL THERAPY PHOTO SHOOT!  

Here's my therapist, Bernie, bringing our friend out into the lights - no makeup for him, though.

I wanted him to put his arms around us.  Here she is doing the limbo!

Here's we are with our buddy.  Bernie is leaving the practice today - unfortunately.  We've had so many laughs.  She has taken me through pain and relief.

Since I have pain in my ribcage, I thought it fitting for him to embrace me there - but darn those fingers hurt!

Shall we dance?

As for ART........

Here is a sketch I did maybe for a painting on canvas - yep, no felting involved.

We'll see about this becuase...

THIS WEEKEND IS THE SHEEP AND WOOL FESTIVAL IN HOWARD COUNTY, MARYLAND.  It is time for my annual trip.  Since I haven't been felting, I doubt I'll buy any roving.  But there is so much more there - buttons, yarn, etc. etc.  Of course, there are sheep and of course there are those darn stands selling lamb kabobs....I hate that....just don't see why people don't make the connection between "oh, look how cute" to "give me a big leg and a coke".

So, we'll see if the felting bug gets to fact, I may just felt something today - oops, see there it is - ahhhhhhhhhhh, wool.

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  1. Hillarious pictures of your dance with a skeleton! Perfect for my Monday.
    Hope you continue to feel better.

    Great to meet you through the Etsy Blog Team! :)
    I am a new follower/subscriber to your blog.

    Mary C. Nasser



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