Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mimu Rubin-MixedMedia FiberArtist

There are several artists that I instantly have a kinship with, one is Mimu Rubin.  I found Mimu when I joined Fiber Arts/Mixed Media.  It's a wonderful site filled with artists, my own page, online classes, challeneges (I even won once) their own radio broadcast and much more.  It's such an inspiration as is this lovely lady.alwa  Mimu is always generous with her praise for other artists.

I contacted Mimu to ask if I could do a blogpost on her and she graciously said to go ahead.  She lives in Nartick, Ma and has a variety of talents.

Let me jump in with just SOME of the creations I most love.

The COLOR, the workmanship!  I know Mimu works with an embellisher (machine) and by hand to add all these different pieces to her creations.

Magic Carpet Ride Necklace
Amulet Necklace
Art is My..AnotherView
Butterfly Blossom Pendant
Here is the link to her page on the website.  There you can view all of the photos she has taken of her creations - they will make you feel instantly happy.
She also works with digitalartportraits

Thanks Mimu, for bringing so much joy to our senses!

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