Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Energetic Organic Pods

Last week I was in a felting frenzy.  I just had to get my hands in fiber, soap and hot water.  I call myself a "felter" so you think I would be doing it every day.  This is not the case as there are other things in my life such as working two days a week, working out and feeling too pooped to pop, as they say.   I also have a few projects that have nothing to do with felting such as the "pods" you see below.

For me, felting takes a certain mindset and amount of energy.  I have Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome.  It is under control for sure and I'm used to pain.  However, there are those times when putting the physical energy forth is a bit much - it is those moments that I turn to embellishing or thinking of new projects.

These "organic pods" came from a burst of energy and the itching to be close to wool.  Even though the wool roving is dyed, it still can smell like wool - you know, sheepy.  I love it.  I wanted to use some new roving from LivingFelt.  I got a nice package which included green and sort of a teal blue.  

Now, for the "pods"

These two are fairly small - about 7".  The one on the left has purple and yellow Tussah Silk fibers .  They give a nice marbled and shiny effect.  

This little "pod" almost looks like a fish.  I did not cut the opening wide enough, hence the mouthlike lips.   Notice the purple silk.

Ahh, I love this one.  The little blop in the middle is a piece of cheesecloth felted with green roving.  I tried an experiment to see if I could Nuno felt with cheeseloth.  I love how it came out.   Then I wanted to see what would happen if I added it into the felting of the "pod".  The fibers attached themselves and it is now all one.   

Here is the "pod" looking down into the openng.  I also like the shelf under the cheesecloth - this just happened - another not planned surprise.  See how the colors blend?  Oh, I did add some white roving, also.

This is a little vase, again, looking down.  Look closely at the white and you can see how I stretched it upwards - all those little veins.

Now, what to do with these.  The "pod" on the left in the first picture.....the top has been folded over on itself just a bit and I added a bead.  The idea for today is to attach some sort of cord so  it can be hung.

To be continued!

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