Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Collaboration Between Pieces

While I've been working on my Felted on the Canvas (which has changed, of course), I picked up two pieces of previously large felted pieces and as I am want to do ------- decided to put them together.

Here is one that was made with orange wool - probably Merino - as the base with Mohair (I believe) wool locks laid ontop.   All was wet felted.  There are bits of very course fabric like fibers and  a strand of art yarn (shiny and ladder like) also thrown in.  I attached a large wet felted/needle felted and embellished flower and a needle felted doo dad.

The piece is 19" long and about 9" at it's widest.

The other piece was also wet felted and began as red and light yellow - lovely  Merino wool.  However, beautiful as it was - it reminded me of a pizza - too mch sauce and mozzarella.  So, I sat myself down and began to make it more like the piece above.

I have two other big previously made flowers in just the right colors.  I have them pinned on the piece as they may move, of course.  This piece has two tendrils hanging from the top - I cut holes in the felt and threaded one cord in from the back.  I stuck a fabric bead on there just to see how it looks.

Here's a picture when it was almost all needlefelted yesterday..

You can see the line quite clearly here where I ended the needlefelting
Here is the "a bit more finished" piece now...

Here are two photos - one of a sort of bead made from a clump of the locks and how the locks look - clumpy and curly.

Here is a nice bag filled with fabric fiber and locks

Now, here they are beside eachother - just a start - the end?  a wall hanging!


  1. Those are so unique and colorful! What a cool way to bring the different pieces together.

    Found you through Etsy Blog Team and am now following you!


  2. That is beautiful. I love the colors and textures of it.

  3. love the detail in your photos!! great how-to.



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