Thursday, March 31, 2011

Boldly Go Where I Haven't

My husband is at the Washington Capitals Hockey game tonight and I'm here with BUSTER the BEAGLE (not surprising).
I finally finished something I never featured on here - meaning - "here is what I'm working on!"

So, here it is when FINISHED:  I have had the flower for quite some time - was going to make a pin out of it, I think.  I wanted to make something springy and a smaller wall hanging than the previous ones I've made.  It took me quite some time to work on this - I would wake up in the middle of those wee hours and get ideas and then during the day, I would work on it some more, then try different things and think some more.  Finally, I got it!  

 The flower is so dimensional and textural and is obviously the focal point - it's wet felted and attached in the center with embroidery thread.  The stem and leaves are needlefelted right onto the yarn background.  Two tendrils hang down.  I wove this on my lap loom .  
 Here's a close up of the bloom.
 Here's the back.  Like my bigger hangings, I painted muslin and added the flowers, etc.  I then hand stitched the loop on top and attached the back to the front with more embroidery thread.

 I love these these photos.  I took them in late afternoon.  I have this BIG BOOK about rainforests - I'm talking BIGGGGG - I found this flower - same colors! yippeee and placed the wall hanging on it.
 There you have it!  Of course, it's available on Etsy.  

By the way, physical therapy seems to be working and I'm almost out of CAR WRECK mode - back to work next week.  Thank heavens for art - makes pain bearable.

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  1. Im so glad im not the only one who wakes up in the middle of the night with idea's Connie....this piece is so beautiful and i love the colours.



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