Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hand Felted Exotic Bowl

Newest bowl made from beautiful rainbow colored merino wool from Living Felt.  I incorporated, fair trade yarn, focal beads from my local bead store, used purple thread I bought at the ReStore in Barre Vermont, and small paper beads made by a former Etsy Seller.

We just got back from another trip to Vermont on Sunday and I promptly got an intestinal upset.  So, I've been laying low but felt like finishing this bowl since when I arrived home, I found the beads awaiting.  I also wanted to use the pretty purple thread from the ReStore.

The ReStore is one of those places that has everything from appliances to dental supplies that some company had no use for - you know, I tried to think what to do with them.  I did buy some uphostery fabric swatches and some beads and of course, bubble wrap.  Every time I go there, I see more "stuff" for art projects.  But since we go to see my daughter so often, I don't feel the "better grab it" syndrome.

Here is the bowl just listed on Etsy.

This is another 4 inch bowl.  You can see that I felted some of the fair trade yarn in it so it sticks out.  I also shaved the bowl to get off the excess fuzzies.  The inside has some white which may have added to that.

Today I ran a length of the yarn with the paper beads (beautifully done) and affixed it to the front with the purple yarn.  Then I added the focal bead - which moves.  I photographed on my Great Grandmother's needlepointed thingamagig - it's not a piellowand has some little pellets inside (which, of course, are coming out now).  But doesn't it go well with the bowl?

Click below to go to DarnGoodYarn and Fused Glass
Darn Good Yarn
The paper beads are made by YanniCreations
Merino wool


  1. I have never seen bowls made from felted wool before! Cool!

  2. I really like the vibrant colours of this bowl



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