Sunday, January 2, 2011

What Language is this in?

In the midst of going through my Flickr pages, I came across many pictures of this piece I made for the PeaceFelt 2010 project. You may remember it here on my Blog.  I sent to a fellow artist in New Zealand.

There was a comment under the Flickr picture (this is back in September) from Marie Spaulding, who is the creator of Living Felt, telling me I was featured in a magazine from the Netherlands and did I see it in a newsletter she sent out.  Well, no I hadn't and still wouldn't know about it today until I stumbled upon her comment!


"Peace Felt 2010 continues to spread it's message of love, brotherhood, sisterhood
and the promotion of feltmaking across the world! This month VILT KONTAKT magazine
from The Netherlands published a 2-page article on Peace Felt!

Artists whose work what shown in the article include: Marie Pickering of New Zealand, USA Artists: Connie Berlin, Sara Figal, Meg Kubiak's school childrens creations, Paige Cunningham and her group; René Rjabinnik Kvícala (Rjabinnik) of the Czech Republic, and Christine Eloot of Antwerp, Belgium.
Peace Felt Facebook is full of images and shared stories
Also visit the Vilt Kontakt Group online"


There's the picture on the right page with my name and I can read Maryland and New Zealand.  I wish I could read the rest of the article - I don't even know what language it's in.

Anyone know? Probably Dutch?

Of course, I'm thrilled and will try to get a copy of the magazine.

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