Monday, January 10, 2011

Variations on a Felted Bowl

As a continuation of Episode 1 - "Getting to Know your Felter", here are some of the results of the Tutorial below.....

This bowl shows sculpting by using a needlefelting needle to enhance the top ridge and side ridges which resulted from the felting method below.  The rosebuds were nedlefelted onto the sides.

This is done with different colors of wool.  During the felting process, I added bits of artist yarn. Because they are not wool, they do not felt.  There are more hanging on the other side.   Notice the way the wool colors meander through the vessel.

A very, very small 2 1/2" in diameter keepsake bowl.  White and light purple silk fibers show nicely amongst the purple and red wool. The heart is needlefelted and later attached to the bowl.

This little bowl got it's top when I cut the opening and went around a little further - just like pealing an apple.  The heart and beading were added when the bowl was dry.

Here's another very small one.  Purple and red wool is further enhanced by using the needlefelting needle and sculpting. The heart was needlefelted on. 

From the basic bowl in the Tutorial below, you can see how embellishing and sculpting can alter the  look and feel.


  1. Your work is incredible! I am so pleased I stopped by.
    Just wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog. I am pleased you enjoyed my photos from the prison (and the goats!)!
    Please do visit my blog again soon.

  2. I am loving your bowls! I'd love for you to visit my blog, I make knitted then felted items, amongst other things.

    Great work!!

  3. I love them!!! So colorful and creative!!Your blog is great! Im a follower!!



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