Friday, December 3, 2010

Felted Rustic Santa

My newest creation is


I've seen little gnomes and elves in several magazines.  So, I thought well, I have this cone shape which I use for making trees - why not use it to make a little fella.

So, I set out to use some beautiful wool I have - off white, brown and wine colored.  I wet felted over the cone with off white in the middle - not really knowing how it was going to pan out.  I sort of figured that the top would be his hat.  I wanted to make him very old world looking - kind of vintage and very woodsy.

When he was finished drying, I took a good look and tried to imagine where his face would go.  After a few experiments with a pen, I chose the placement.  Two brown eyes and a round brown nose.  Then cane the beard.  I have these wonderful curly wool - locks and I believe it's from mohair goats.  They look like they just came off the animal - beautiful!  It is perfect for hair.  I also used it to make birch trees in one Felted Art Collectible.

Next I needlefelted his beard and hat.  His hat is brown and the win colored wool  wound around his head and ending in the back in a little twist.  The pom pon is more of those locks but this time in dark brown.  More of this was used to make the front of his hat and two ear flaps.

Santa, sheep tender, wood elt, winter spirit - who knows, but I adore him and I like him teamed up with my Putz sheep and large felted trees. I also imagine him on someone's mantel or in a Christmas village.

You can see him on my Etsy Shop!!!

Also, I was a Featured Sellter on DO YOU ETSY - exciting - I will be promoted throuighout this month!

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