Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Now That's Another Story!

It's been several weeks since I posted here.  Now that the holidays (except New Years, of course) are over, it's once again time to take stock.  My thoughts immediately turn to SensoryFelteds.  Where am I going with it?

Being somewhat of an artistic Jack of all Trades, I find my mind (usually as soon as I wake up) filled with artistic notions......painting on small canvas, attaching Felteds to canvas, weaving and adding some Felteds, making my own buttons/beads, trying new things with fabric....that's about it for now.  With all this reeling through my head, there's my artroom filled with everything to do the above!  Should I clean it and get it organized, ONCE AGAIN?

I have always been this way,  going from one thing to another, creating on the spot, mixing media, dancing...moving, moving.  These are good traits to have but as with anything there is the flip side - never feeling an expert in one thing.  I'm certainly not an expert at many things, either.  But there is that propensity to try something new - never thought of before.

So, after some pondering, I think I'm pretty much happy with a new that I experimented with this summer and it partially has to do with this woman.


I found her on Craft Gossip I believe - a mention of her new book.  That's all it took and I told my Vermont daughter to get it for me for the holidays.  I am SO GLAD she did.
Click below and you'll get there...
Jane Hall's website

Her book,


is one of the lovliest I have ever seen.  Here are some pictures..

Dragonfly.jpgDo you think that this dragonfly is real?  No, she made it from SILK and wire and fiber!

FXUp6qZXyMok3mJpEWm3SpGffOs0AmSHXakWM33VLFc1YZ4G8Dauh13N1SQ0EZBHL77sHL9nZVlBB5WMGuO0UW0Ec3VzcwahhkP-36CXGCVnxbXJAHHbGbCepLYX7lR8TwW7F5Ps4105NCNrBGgiVRBIQlg.jpgThe book

Jane studies the world of nature - she examines tree bark, insects, flowers, vines.  When she does so, she listens, smells and becomes one with whatever she is observing.  Sometimes she goes with a camera, with a sketchpad or nothing.  She had a fanciful childhood where she was encouraged to roam the gardens surrounding her home, to have tea with fairies and all such.

What I am so enthralled with is that she makes beautiful sketches, minutely examining each hair, each insect leg, each petal delving into journals and biology.  Then, like a detective, she figures out how to use her tools, her creative senses to fashion sometimes the tiniest of insects - as small as your thumbnail.

There is something of her in me -  and this is what I want to take into 2011 and beyond.

That ability to stay with, to process, to sense and to finally create.  This attention to detail takes me away from everything and into a world of nature where nothing is mundane or usual.  There is no frustration, no push to sell, nothing but the shear pleasure of concentration and wonder.

PS.  I have saved two Stink Bugs which I will send to England to add to her collection - maybe they are lucky and don't have the little buggers there!

Can I do it?  Now that's another story!

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