Monday, November 22, 2010

What's NEW?

What an exciting time - much has been happening here!

Boy,  you thought Halloween was SPOOKY what about BLACK FRIDAY AND CYBER MONDAY!!  

On Etsy, we're all atwitter (twitter, literally) promoting, tagging items, listing items and I'm No Different!

Here's what's new...

1. ******* COUPON CODE:  Sensory101648 - YOU GET 15% OFF OF ANY ITEM IN MY SHOP NOW THROUGH NOVEMBER 30TH.  You just plug that coupon code in.

This is a new feature on Etsy and most of us think it's just great.  I'll see.

2.  I've been featured on this blog, which I love - the title is great - reminds me of "The Housewives of...".

I had no idea that felt had a smell, but according to Sensory Felteds smell is just one of the reasons why Connie Berlin--the mastermind behind Sensory Felteds--enjoys creating using a felt medium.

A life-long artist, Connie creates her pieces using wet felting and needle felting techniques, and even embriodery and considers each piece she creates to be a work of art.

One of Connie's favorite pieces she's created for Sensory Felteds is pictured above and is titled "Charlotte's Dahlia". As Connie puts it,

"This is one of my felted mini art quilts - a gorgeous closeup of a Dahlia flower. I took quite alot of time to make this. I was looking at blogs (at random) and found one that had this gorgeous flower. This was in the summer. I thought it would be perfect for one of my quilts. I contacted her and she sent me more pictures of her Dahlias on her front steps. Soooo, I named my art quilt after her, Charlotte's Dahlia."


3.  I've listed a three new brooches and one pendant
 The one above is one of my coils.  I added my favorite stitches - one of course being the french knot .  I painted, yes painted with fabric paint the tree inthe middle and a few areas around it..
 Nicely beaded - they sort of cascade down
 This is one of my favorites because it is so sculpted!
Here's a glitz glittery coil brooch - the light areas are sparkly in white and light purple

4.  New Christmas Cards made from photos of my Felted Art Collectibles

They come four to a pack with envelopes!  I have so much fun making these!  There are others also, I mix them up!

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