Saturday, October 9, 2010

LA and a Good DEAL

We had a wonderful time in Los Angelos.  My stepson and his fiance live there.  I've never been that far West - so much fun to go on Santa Monica Blvd. (reminds me of a song), Venice Beach (free to be yourself and anybody else you want to be), in Hollywood and on Rodeo Drive!  It was warm, a little bit of rain - but mostly the relentless sun.  So many places to eat, also.  My step son edits TV reality shows - he's working on a new one - Sarah Palin.  His fiance works for Sotheby's in marketing real estate.

I am having a difficult time uploading pictures - can't figure out what's up with blogger.  Alas, no photos of our time.......  Buster the Beagle did not look at me after we picked him up from the vet.  He lost weight and some hair, but now he's just fine.

I've listed more felted mini art quilts and bowls AND sold five while I was in LA and more from home today.

What I am promoting now since the last SALE was not successful is the following and not as large in type as the last post...don't want to hurt your eyes!

$$$$$$$$$$$$    $3.00 off each $16.00 brooch plus FREE shipping, as always, for the month of October.  My birthday is coming up and Halloween is my one year anniversary on Etsy.  Go to my Shop to see them all!

I'll be listing winter holiday items in no time - but seems to early - but I know everyone likes to shop early.......

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  1. Sounds like you have been busy! I have really enjoyed seeing all of your new creations. It also sounds like your marketing is paying off- congrats on the recent sales!



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