Friday, September 10, 2010

TGIF Bumbles&Butterflies

I have been very busy uploading "felteds" I made last year and some new ones onto my Etsy Shop.  I can see how it is so easy to get caught up in promoting that there's very little time left for creating.  But it has paid off!  In 8 treasuries - so what are treasuries?  Go to and on the bottom left there is a list of ways to view things on the site.  Click on Treasuries.  Sellers pick themes such as "Halloween" or "Autumn Colors", etc. and find items on Etsy that fit.  Some of them have the most beautiful colors!
If you want to find the Treasuries I'm listed in, type in "SensoryFelteds" and there you have it.

I also started a Facebook Fanpage.  Thank you to a wonderful post on one of the Etsy Forums about how to do it - step by step and kindergarten - that's what I need.  Now I can show what I'm making and can have people view and comment on what I'm making.

I want to show what's happening in my front yard right now.....I have a succulent plant...will have to look it up as to what it is...and I noticed all these nice fat bumblebees hanging out!  Then came butterflies and moths!  I touched several of the bees - I guess they aren't the stinging kind - and/or were drunk.  Everyone seems to be having a TGIF Drink.

Nice and furry!

Some of the pictures I took were of course blurry because the butterflies wouldn't stop flapping their wings.   I wonder if this would make a nice Felted Art Mini Quilt? hmmmmmmm!

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