Monday, August 30, 2010

Felted Mini Art Quilts - What's In A Name?

Back to school today - school for the deaf.  I have six students with challenges - a bit of yoga - no Downward Facing  Dog for me - pressure doesn't feel good on the ole facelift - which, by the way, is doing very well - see the Dr. Friday - still some numbness and creepy crawly feelings in my neck.  I played baseball, did breathing and postures, etc.  Good to be back and especially earning moola.

BUT and AND, I had some time to think of what to call my "Blah Blahs".  I want to sell them on Etsy and of course, I am looking for the best words so that Google will pick it up.  I found that "Mini Art Quilts" are something of a small rage right now.  "Quilt" is  a loosely used term and so is "Mini".  Mine ARE three layers bound together and 4" x 6" or so is really "mini".  However, I must add "Felted".  So, I guess that about sums it up then...unless, of course, anyone out there has other suggestions.

Charlotte, of Charlotte's Dahlia, responded to my query about what to make for fall - pumpkins, berries, fall leaves - check out her comment on my "New Felteds" post.  

Right now I have finished...
Another one of these guys

I'm working on another yellow flower and a morning glory.  I am really enjoying making these - a good fit for me.

Now, to list them on Etsy - maybe tomorrow.  I also must start featuring some of the wonderful artists I have come across lately - I am certainly remiss.

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