Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just a Batt

Yesterday, I was tired of making bowls, thinking and planning.  I had been tearing off pieces of a batt (a roll of different wools, fibers, glitz) to use in the bowls.  Like with some batts, there are colors that you don't like or don't exactly go with eachother and appear muddy.  So, off I went and just FELTED!

I decided to take a nice hunk and add more fibers.  I threw in (almost literally) soft colored locks (very curly), Tussah silk, yarn and ribbon.  I did this on both sides.  I sort of had in mind making a little purse when all was said and done.  What I didn't realize was that since I was not very careful, with my wild abandon and all, there were a few week spots.

After felting away, which really didn't take much time, I was rewarded with a lovely piece.  Both sides are very different. Hmmmmmm what to do with it?  This morning I took some pictures.  Maybe I'll hang it up as is.  Or, I could needlefelt on it and get it thicker to make a little purse.  Here it is.

Guess you can tell which side I like.  Actually, it loos more vibrant in "person".  I'm a little sick today so I don't feel like taking more pictures.  Happy Spring Colors Everyone!

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